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Friday, 17 January 2014

Charity Offended by Children's Game by Chota, year 8

'Moshi Monsters' face criticism from charity 'Changing Faces'

Changing Faces is a charity for people with facial disfigurements and they are encouraging people to sign a petition to stop Mind Candy, makers of Moshi Monsters, calling some of their evil characters names like 'Fishlips', 'Freakface' and 'Bruiser'.

'Changing Faces' charity has suggested that these names and others along these lines make people with facial disfigurements feel upset and offended that the game is referring to people like them. The names and appearances show things like spots and scars.
'For far too long disfigurement has been a lazy shortcut for the entertainment industry'
Mind Candy have said that they are 'very sorry that any offence has been caused by our characters.' They also say that they are surprised the charity has launched a petition as they have been discussing story lines to support the charity since March 2013. The game Moshi Monsters is popular with primary school children and some are worried that the characters and their names will encourage bullying. The campaign is called 'Don't call me freakface'.

James Partrige, CEO of Changing Faces said: 'For far too long disfigurement has been a lazy shortcut for the entertainment industry to suggest that a character or person is evil.'

 Have your say: How impact do you feel these names could have on the self-esteem of young people today?


  1. Congratulations to Chota for writing our first published report! A brilliant piece!

  2. This is awful - can't believe this is happening!


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