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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Crazy Weather Causes Havoc for Local Residents by Saloni

Above: The Floods in Aylestone Meadows

The bad weather has proven to cause a lot of chaos in and around Leicester and has been an awful start to the New Year.
Parts of Leicester were flooded heavily, when we were hit with excessive rainfall, around a couple of inches. Traffic was building up on main roads, and was proving to be a chore for commuters trying to reach work or school. Rivers were passing their levels, leading to flooding.
The River Soar is one of the examples of where flooding took place, as the footpaths were sunken on 5th January 2014. A local said I came for a run on this footpath, just last week but now it appears to be in the middl e of a river.
And its not just the rain that is causing mishaps. Strong winds in Thurmaston and Syston have knocked down fences and blown bins over. Pawan, a resident in Thurmaston, had his fence knocked over whilst abroad. He says, The fence has completely been shattered and anyone could have trespassed into our garden, whilst we were away. Luckily, we had some very kind neighbours who put wooden panels, tied with string, onto our fence for support, until we came back. They worked hard at it in the pouring rain and we cant be more grateful. We are looking into getting the fence fixed, and maybe installing a wall instead, because we know the British weather very well. But thats nature for you.'


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