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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Rainbows Hospice: 20 Years of Faithful Service by Ashley, Karishma and Lydia, year 8

Here at Loughborough High School, we have been fortunate enough to speak to the wonderful Jennifer Leach, a fundraiser for Rainbow's Hospice. She is responsible for the Loughborough High School collection of easter eggs and all other donations. Two of our amazing interviewers, Karishma and Lydia, took this wonderful opportunity  today to ask her some interesting questions. Before we got onto the Easter egg and donation project, we decided to ask for more information on what Rainbows achieves, and what it is doing in all corners of Great Britain.
Rainbows helps over 500 families, all from different backgrounds, and with different types of care. Over half of these are for families that stay over night, and, as Rachel put it 'it's a place for all to be a normal family'. Many of the illnesses they care for are:

-    Cancer
-    Tumours
-    Complex disabilities

As you can tell, Jennifer has a lot on her hands, but is prepared to do anything for the people that use Rainbows. If that wasn't enough, Rainbows care not just for the terminally ill children, but also for the families that are affected by illness. This weekend happens to be 'siblings weekend', meaning that all the luxurious eggs you donated will be going to people who will be going through a traumatic period, because, as I'm sure you can agree, losing a brother or a sister would be incredibly difficult.

When we asked Jennifer her views on her fundraising, she told us that 'no two days are ever the same', and that they are 'always having to think of something new'. That really stood out to us, as it meant that they are willing to spend their free time thinking of new and exciting fundraising activities to help someone else.

Jennifer was continually smiling through out her interview, showing that she loved what she worked for, and was even willing to share the latest news about what events are coming up, including the Rainbow Run, on 4th May, for 11+ years, to raise as much money as possible.
Karishma herself will be participating in this amazing event!

So, after reading about how this wonderful woman and her special cause help unfortunate families, I'm sure you're wondering about how you can help. Well, it just as so happens I can help you with that! Running throughout the year, Rainbows has made a 'Great Birthday Bake', to celebrate their 20th birthday. If you are interested in participating in this, or any other rainbows event, head on to for more information.

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